The beginning of the end

After Googling “I wrote a novel now what” and reading some blog posts, it seems that the first step towards becoming a writer is to establish an online persona. So, here I am!

Of course I haven’t actually written a novel. Not yet, anyway. I’m just covering my bases for when I do finally have the manuscript in my hands. Look at me, a little over halfway into my first book and I’m already thinking about the aftermath.

That’s not true. I have written and self-published a book many years ago, but it was anonymously and while I’m still trickling in sales here and there, it’s not something I want to make public for the world to see. It was raw and unedited and inappropriate and emotional and intense and terrible. It was everything and nothing, and if I ever actually become a known published author this is a skeleton in my closet that should remain hidden.

What is this blog, really? I won’t be writing about TOP TEN WAYS or FIVE STEPS TO. This also isn’t a personal journal (which I have on a different platform). This is a compilation of thoughts and memories, experiences and hopes, the past and the future. So stay a while and listen, the ride is about to begin.


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