Just another white girl novel.

I came upon an issue I didn’t think about before starting to write my novel.

My characters are mostly white.

The main protagonist, her love interest (though Russian), the second protagonist, the antagonists – all white.

Actually, aside a Latino, an African, and a black friend, pretty much everyone else (named character wise) is white.

Now, the problem I have is I don’t want it to be just another white girl novel.

However, I also don’t want to write what I don’t feel comfortable writing, because I’m a white girl.

And I also don’t want it to look like the diversity is forced. This isn’t one of those “lets take one of each and make a super team!” type of story. I want it to seem real.

I wonder if it matters to others. When I read, unless I get a specific description I see the character based on name and gender. Hell, in some cases, I see the character and deny the given description. Nope, she’s going to be blonde. Why? Because that’s how I see her. It’s a part of why some characters translated from literary to visual can be so hard to accept. Or easy, in some cases.

In the end, every novel I’ll ever write is going to be just another white girl novel. Not just by the content, but because it’s written by me. Just another white girl.


2 thoughts on “Just another white girl novel.

  1. I see what you mean but I would keep it authentic. It’s great that you worry and endeavour to make it a better novel, but I find that when a character/plot/whatever is forced, it reads fake. Good luck! 🙂


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