Getting into paid freelance writing and what it means.

I’ve found that calling oneself a “writer” can be a difficult decision. There is no true definition, one that can discern the difference between someone who can write and someone who does write. Someone who has written and someone who is a writer. Someone who writes for or someone who writes from.

You can write short stories, poems, or novels – you are a writer.

You can write sports columns, movie reviews, or blogs – you are a writer.

You can write product descriptions, sales pitches, or web content – you are a writer.

But I understand the hesitation. The “job” portion of being someone. The answer to “so what do you do?” with a new acquaintance.

Each person chooses the so-called ‘title’ on his or her own time. And that’s ok.

I am a mother. I am a small business owner. I am a writer. I only get paid for one of those. Even though I’ve published in several places and was almost halfway through my novel when my current employment contract ended, I still have not called myself a writer.

It only took me one week to get my first freelance writing gig. I found it through Craigslist. The company is called and it specializes in web design and marketing services. It hires freelance writers to create original content for business websites.

After a small application and writing sample submission, I heard back from them very quickly and was ‘hired’. I was ecstatic. I can finally call myself a writer! Someone who gets paid to write!

The job is done through, where you pick a project and complete the work order. Some are 1500 words for company X’s website with About page, Services page, etc. Some are 300 words for a blog post that relates to company Y. There are very strict content guidelines, such as formatting, key words, etc.

The pay is $1 per 100 words. For a quick writer, it might be a little above minimum wage. For a writer like me, my fastest 1500 work order took a little over 2 hours.

I started with the intention of making it my full time job.

I couldn’t.

So I’m doing a few a week, here and there, while putting my focus on my novel and juggling my kids being home for summer break.

Even so, I am still a writer.

A few weeks back I was at a wedding of my husband’s coworker and the ‘wives circle’ asked me what I did. I said “I’m a writer”. The response was, “Wow! I’ve never met a writer before!”

But I bet she has.

PS: If you are interested in becoming a writer for, you can click here to apply. They are in need of writers. Good luck!


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