My Monsters Are Different Than Your Monsters

A while ago, I read a great article called Our Monsters Are Different. It talks about how many fictional creatures are vaguely defined, and each writer must re-define them in order to fit the monster into their universe. I recommend any fiction writer to check it out.

I took my monsters into great consideration. What’s funny is even though I have been physically writing this novel (on and off) for the past four years, I have yet to tell anyone what it’s actually about. Really, the only person who even knows I’m writing a novel is my husband, and he thinks it’s some sparkly vampire book because it’s YA, even though I’ve repeatedly told him there are no actual vampires. His extent of knowledge about the premise is a post apocalyptic world with zombie vampire monsters who aren’t zombie vampires because I have no other way to explain it without going into detail I don’t want to go into.

Why? Part of it is fear. I don’t want to be told that it sucks. I tell that enough to myself. Part of it is pride. I don’t want to get advice (though sometimes I feel like I badly need it) because I want it to be mine. I want to say I wrote this. However, I know that my time of anonymity is coming to an end and it’s terrifying.

I started this blog because I wanted to promote myself as a writer, and in order to promote my novel I have to actually write about my novel. So I will. Soon.


4 thoughts on “My Monsters Are Different Than Your Monsters

    • I have not, at least not on paper. The story itself has been written in my head for a long time, and because I haven’t written half of it down yet, it keeps going. Life doesn’t stop, so the lives of my characters keep going too. After these past few years, they are practically alive to me, a different word where they live and feel. Sometimes I hear a song and I would attribute it to a character rather than myself without realizing it. That must sound a little crazy haha


      • Story if my life for the last three years. Mine was worse, I tried to do a graphic novel and I waited for my friend to finish drawing scenes. Never got past three pages. He gave up. Now I do short stories and found out people will pay for them and my friends love my work. Huge confidence booster!

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  1. Hopefully you can find an artist who can actually take the work seriously and finish it one day!

    I would absolutely love for my novel to be translated into a graphic form because that’s how I see it anyway.


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