Fight the Dead. Fear the Living.

We all know that The Walking Dead isn’t about the zombies – it’s about the people.

I started watching it with my husband right after season 4 ended, and it took us a good six months of an episode here and there to get caught up.

I can’t say it’s the best show out there, but it’s definitely nothing like I’ve ever seen before, and we’re pretty religious on our Sunday night showings when it’s on.

But this post isn’t a Walking Dead promo.

This post is about the dead and the living dying.

There was a scene when they were in the prison and I saw that instead of locking the prison doors when they slept, they put drapes over the entrances. The rationale was that they didn’t want to feel like prisoners.

But that didn’t make sense to me. When every living human being is a threat to the entire population, the most rational thing to do is monitor the living. You want to live, you lock the door. You die – you can’t hurt anyone. How is that not the utmost priority?

And thus the idea for my novel was born.


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