Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr


I’m glad I didn’t look at the Goodreads reviews for Wicked Lovely before sitting down to read it because my point of view was completely different than the pages of 1-3 stars. This wasn’t a YA paranormal romance and it shouldn’t have been rated as such. This was a fairy tale, plain and simple, and it was written and read as such (whether intended or not).

Lets look at the facts. Once upon a time, there lived a princess whose prince has been searching for her while an evil queen tries to prevent their union. A traditional fairy tale. Sure, there were “twists” but there didn’t have to be. They just made it better.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. When I was little, I loved reading fairy tales of all kinds from all over the world. My favorite were from India, but Russian and Irish were a close second and third. This book is short and revolves around one turning point, but that’s ok. It’s just that, a tale.

So if you’re looking for a YA paranormal romance with action and adventure and lovemaking look somewhere else. But if you just want to go inside a magical world with beautiful terrifying creatures for a few hours this hits the spot quite well.


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