Why You Should Go Watch the Ant Man Movie

I admit that while I’m a DC girl at heart, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has certainly given it a run for its money. In the past decade, MCU has released some of the best superhero movies out there. I can probably watch the first Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America films on repeat and never get tired. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched them. Does that officially make me a nerd?

Well, if there are any doubts, I’m pretty sure my 288 days of /played on World of Warcraft definitely does. That’s 6912 hours, if you were wondering. Google it.

Anyway, this isn’t about me, this is about the latest MCU movie to hit theaters – Ant Man.

I really didn’t expect much from it, to be honest. It’s a guy the size of an ant who rides ants and saves the world from villains also the size of small insects. I expected it to be silly but I mainly went for the Marvel references and story building (the same reason I still trudge through Agents of Shield).

But let me tell you guys not only did it not disappoint, it actually exceeded my expectations dramatically. Let me break it down for you.

1. It was thoroughly entertaining. Sometimes I felt like I was watching a mash-up of Jurassic World (though it could have been the bob) and Guardians of the Galaxy. The silliness was (mostly) well balanced with the seriousness. I can’t say some of Paul Rudd’s one liners didn’t feel forced, but they gave me a chuckle either way.

2. It was well adapted to the big screen. We’re talking a movie about people who practically turn into insects here. And yet, I felt like it really delivered in terms of cinematic performance and action scenes. The zoom was well executed and special effects didn’t look super fake.

3. Oh the MCU teasers! I was positively giddy when they incorporated so much of the Avengers/Winter Soldier into it. All the mentions of other Marvel stuff really made the movie that much better. It’s the only thing I was disappointed in not seeing much of in the Daredevil TV show. Oh, and I won’t spoil it, but the mid and after credits bonus scenes are totally worth sticking around for.

4. I can’t wait for more! Instead of satisfying the superhero movie craving I’ve had since Age of Ultron it made me that much more excited for the next installment(s). And while I’m still riding high on Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad trailers from Comic Con, I just can’t wait for more.

5. It makes me wonder about the new Fantastic 4 movie. The trailers make it look like it has a much different feel to it than the rest of MCU, so I’m a little weary. I guess we shall wait and see! But meanwhile, go watch Ant Man! If you don’t go in expecting Iron Man and you like MCU, you won’t be disappointed.


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