The first idea is the best one.

I’m reading Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle and this made me think.

It was my first idea; they say your first ideas are your best ones. I think it’s maybe dangerous to think that way all the time. But when I remember finally building [the game],  seeing how it was actually going to come together and really work, then I know what people mean about their first ideas being the best. There is something fierce and starved about first ideas.

I thought about first novels. The first novel is like a first child. You love it but somewhere deep down you’re afraid to show it to anyone in fear they’ll think it’s ugly. Because like it or not, most babies (as first novels) are, and as the parent we know it’s impossible for us to see. And that’s ok.

Was your first novel your first idea for one? Was it the best idea?


2 thoughts on “The first idea is the best one.

  1. You have perfectly spoken about my struggle. For years, I have always been afraid to take my writing a step further. I used to not let anyone read my stories. My first novel was definitely not my first idea, but some soul searching and extra self confidence helped me realize I should not waste my gifts.


    • Thank you for your reply! I am still in the stages of waiting to show my first novel to anyone, though it’s nearly done. I think even the most confident people have doubts when it comes to writing because it really shows off what goes on inside a person’s mind.

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