Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck


My husband showed me this because he thought it was hilarious and I immediately got the ebook version. He said we have to try some of the recipes, but when I was flipping through I realized that it didn’t have meat or any meat products – no eggs, no milk, no cheese – NO CHEESE YOU GUYS. My husband is the “no such thing as enough cheese” kind of guy so I was shocked to see him be interested in this and quickly started going through the recipes to see what all the hoopla is about.

The good:

This book is funny. It made me chuckle if not full out giggle throughout. The photo commentary is priceless. The cursing is very well placed. Cook books are usually boring, so this was definitely a great way to spice it up (see what I did there?)

The directions are super easy to follow. They treat you like a first time cook – explain pretty much everything from the ground up, including measuring and substitutions. The simple language made it that much better.

The recipes gave me some great ideas for creating some new things at home. I was excited to cook this week because of them.

The bad and the ugly:

The book boasts quick and easy meals with non-fancy ingredients you can get anywhere. That is not the case in any way shape or form. I wrote down some of their staples for my grocery shopping and let me tell you half of them were nowhere to be found. I even followed the directions. Nope.

So I googled some of the stuff, like nutritional yeast and millet, and I’m finding all these sites that tell me even though they’re great, don’t eat them more than x amount or you’ll get sick. Ummm where was the disclaimer on that before using them in all the recipes? o_O Probably a good idea to warn people.

Most of the recipes take over an hour to prepare, some requiring starting the night before with the promise of eating for 3-4 days if you’re single. Pretty sure that’s not “quick and easy”. These aren’t “come home from work and have an hour before taking the kids to karate” meals.

As far as actual food goes, they keep going on about how brown rice tastes so good you’ll forget about white rice, or how tofu is amazing if cooked right. Sorry guys, but brown rice can’t compare, no matter how well you cook it and tofu is still tofu even with great seasonings. I’ve had restaurant quality of both and I will prefer basmati and chicken. Sorry.

In reality, we won’t be using 99% of the recipes because we are meat eaters at heart and my husband is allergic to avocado which is a staple in many of them. But the book was worth reading, if anything for the fun of it and to get some ideas.


5 thoughts on “Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

  1. Mmm would a foodie (who has a zillion cookbooks) like me like it? It kind of reminds me of when Hugh Fearnley- Whittlesall (sorry Hugh I cannot be bothered looking up how to spell your last name today) had a lady on his show and they made this delicious chocolatey mousse pie with agave and avocado.. sorry to your hubby not being able to eat avos but I googled it and got the recipe and as I did not have agave I made a sugar syrup… It tasted devine and although I did modify it ever so slightly I was impressed. Sometimes all these new fangled diets all sound great but when you do eat meat and yep I am a meat lover too… sometimes I find we go back to what we like best. I have zillions of cookbooks due to the history of the food, culture, people etc.. so my cookbooks are not just cookbooks.


    • It’s really mostly geared towards more amateur cooks, but I’m sure you would find something that would give you inspiration from it! My library had a copy so you would probably be able to check it out before buying one to keep. You can also check out their website. I’m pretty sure every recipe in the cook book is available there as well.

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      • Thank you Anna, it sounds like a book I would probably borrow to be honest. Our library here asks that we pay fifty cents for our books each time we get them out and are actually getting in some rather interesting books but unfortunately are getting rid of a lot of books that are real classics.. still when they have a book sale I have found some terrific finds. Thank you for your suggestion, I will see if its at our library shortly and check online.


      • Just checked out their website, they have a ton of recipes! I wouldn’t need the book with those… hehe! I also did an online search with my library and unfortunately they do not have a copy. Still the recipes they have on their site is great!

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