Thea’s Tale by Lisa Manifold


I have to say, fairy tales are just my weakness. I actually didn’t go in this realizing that’s what it was, but once I did I got all giddy with excitement.

It delivered on many aspects of the fairy tale genre – and more! An evil witch! A beautiful princess and her true love! A terrible curse! A challenge with a great reward and terrible consequences! I kept waiting, hoping for some kind of revelation and…well, I won’t spoil it for you so you can experience it for yourself like I did. You will not be disappointed.

Thea wasn’t very likeable, but her demeanor is well explained so even though I wouldn’t want to be her friend, she is a believable character (as well as her sisters). Though I enjoyed the language and tone of the tale, some parts felt repetitive and not leading anywhere, but there was enough plot and suspense to keep me interested.

Overall it was a great re-telling of the 12 Dancing Princesses. It gave much more depth to the story. I’m very interested in what comes next and I’m definitely checking out the second in the series soon.


2 thoughts on “Thea’s Tale by Lisa Manifold

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