Uprooted by Naomi Novik


I have to say I am on a roll! Three excellent books in a row, with Uprooted being the latest fantastic addition.

Like most, I picked this up because I absolutely loved His Majesty’s Dragon, and even though the later books in the series didn’t appeal as much I had to check it out. I am so glad I did.

I would dare call this an epic fantasy, not just a fairy tale. An unlikely heroine with her own coming of age story, a great evil ready to swallow up the world, and of course the power of courage, teamwork, and love to overcome the greatest obstacles. What else could one ask for?

It was a big book with a big story. So much happened and it was written beautifully and seamlessly. The main character grew into the hero and I can’t go back and pinpoint a moment where she just changed, unlike many other novels I’ve read. She developed gradually but without a montage-type deal.

The setting is that of a European nation. Being from Russia, everything from the names to the spells came easily to me. The folk tales elaborately worked into the novel gave me a little extra than most people who will read this. I loved it.

Yes, there were some things that didn’t exactly mix, like the out of the left field romance, but it was so insignificant, both to the story and me, that it didn’t take away from the novel.

As I was reading, several stories came to mind. Beauty and the Beast. Rapunzel. Even Frozen. But none of them really encompass the epic factor of the novel. I wouldn’t have even bothered writing this down but I saw some other reviews drawing the same comparisons and I just wanted to touch up on it.

Overall, if you have the time to immerse yourself in a beautiful and terrifying magical world, this is a book worth your while.


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