Good books ruin my day.

Sometimes reading a good book is the worst thing for a writer. Mainly being a motivation/self esteem killer. How can I possibly compare?

And then reading reviews on said book and people saying stuff like ‘the characters are one-dimensional’ or ‘it didn’t have enough description’ and I just want to delete everything I’ve ever written because if people feel like this wasn’t good enough, mine will never be.

Basically, it’s one of those days.


5 thoughts on “Good books ruin my day.

  1. Story of my life. Just remember you can’t win them all- but writing is always an exercise- instead of comparing (which I know is easier said than done) try breaking the work down into components / or the theory behind it- lots to learn this way. I have a fetish for reading great writing and it kills me every day…but that same emotion has been one of the greatest inspirations I’ve found…to try…and keep trying…to write maybe not something great…but accurate. ..cheers!

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  2. I recently entered a poetry competition (I am still waiting to find out who won) for my local library and it took about twelve or so attempts before I was happy with what I wrote and it was the same when I did my degree. I wrote and wrote until I was satisified. But what we may be satisifed with, someone else may not. Its a bit like the comments above – write down everything into sections and you know you can always go back to it, scribble out what you do not like and what you want to keep. Just keep at it that is the main thing. I have a story I have been writing on and off for ages now only because I want to make sure it is readable and has history into why it is what it is… Hope that makes sense! Oh and don’t forget to take regular breaks from it too. I know that we are best to take a wee break for awhile, away from the pen and paper or the screen and just rest our eyes a bit. That helps me!

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