Eternal Vows (The Ruby Ring #1) by Chrissy Peebles


I usually don’t set out to read books that are labeled specifically as romance because to me that means nausea-inducing corniness and unrealistic love scenes. No thanks.

However, this one had too many pluses in the description. Fantasy world? Check. Magic? Check. Intriguing plot? Check. How bad could it possibly be?

This is the point where I go ‘that bad’, but I won’t do that because it really wasn’t! I don’t know exactly if the author intended the book to be the silly ridiculousness that it is, but I really enjoyed reading about the crazy things that led up to the main plot and then kept happening.

I mean come on, we’re talking Bigfoot hunters and Iron man hands! How can it not be an awesome B-movie in the making?

I kid, I kid.

Honestly, it was just a fun read. The plot was well developed and the character reactions were very realistic for the situations they were thrown in. Also, not a paranormal romance, not in either paranormal nor romance departments. At least not yet anyway.

Overall, if you’re looking for something to read that’s silly and quick, I would recommend this for sure. If you want a book that’s more serious, put this on your shelf for later.

It’s currently free on Amazon as the first of 7 in the series, but don’t worry, you’ll need some time to digest before you’d want to continue so don’t get your wallets out just yet. Enjoy.


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