Three LGBTQIA Romance short stories in one review, oh my!


I received these at the same time as ARCs from Less Than Three Press on NetGalley. Seeing how they are very similar concepts, I decided to read them all first and then do a collective review. It actually worked out rather nicely!

Witches & Wolves by Kelly D. Smith

This one kind of made me wonder how it made into publishing. I don’t read many short stories, so I thought maybe the standards were lower? The writing felt like a high school girl who read too much Twilight and decided to give writing a try. There isn’t a complex sentence in sight. I’m talking, “She sat down. He looked at her and stood up. She yawned.” Yea, kind of like that.

So I wasn’t surprised when I reached the author bio to see it say she’s a 19 year old who likes to write erotica. Hey, keep on doing what you’re doing, girl, you can only get better!

The actual story was intriguing, and a part of me wished the writer took some time to elaborate on many of the finer points. This could have been so much more interesting if it wasn’t so rushed through the scenes. It was the shortest of the three books, and it definitely showed.

So if you’re looking for middle grade writing with some adult concepts, you might like it.

Servants of the Living Forest by Brandon L. Summers

Now this one was much better, in both writing technique and character development. I enjoyed it from the get-go, with the unconventional identities and bad-horror-movie plot. It was fun and actually strangely unpredictable, at least as far as these types of genres go. I wouldn’t say it was literary genius or anything, but I give it a thumbs up for a fun quick read.

Witch, Cat, and Cobb by J.K. Pendragon

Unknowingly, I saved the best for last! Now this story is definitely a worthwhile read. The writing is very sophisticated, engaging, and witty. The plot had an even flow where I didn’t feel like I was reading a short story and skipping important bits for length, but a true novel.

Now, I won’t deny it, by the end I felt like I read a fantasy edition of a Jerry Springer episode, but I enjoyed it so that’s all that matters, right?

I will definitely be checking out more by the author, and I would recommend you do the same!


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