Daughter of the Goddess by Rita Webb

Is it bad that I like the shorter novels more than the longer ones?

Sometimes I download a book and after opening it see 750 pages and I kind of want to not even start it.

To me around 250-450 is the perfect middle ground. Anything under 200 is too short, and anything above 600 means I’m going to be skimming.

It’s not true for all books, of course. Some are written in certain ways (like the Walking Chaos series) where 700 pages are really 300. Others are just so engrossing that skimming isn’t an option.

But, on to the book review!

Daughter of the Goddess was short and sweet, a cute coming of age story I breezed through. It gave just enough suspense and just enough plot to not feel like I missed out on anything. My imagination filled in the rest, and I really enjoyed it.

However, I feel like it glossed over some really important concepts, such as the main character suddenly knowing how to speak after saying she wasn’t allowed to except one word. Children who aren’t raised with language skills cannot just up and talk, even with a ‘soul cleanse’. This isn’t a big deal, just bothers me personally. It doesn’t take away from the rest of the novel.

Overall, it was worth the read, but now I feel like I need something heavy to onset all this fluffiness.


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