Stray by Elissa Sussman


Just look at that cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Can I give it a star just for that? Good, because this book needs it, and I have a really hard time giving low ratings to any book an author poured their blood and sweat into.

So, here’s the skinny. Fairy tales for me = automatic hype. This book had the trifecta – magic, princesses, and fairies! And it has LGBT elements? Score!

Well not so much.

I finished this within a few hours, not because it was short, but because I was skimming most of it. There was so much useless information when I tried to slow down I got downright bored.

BUT when I look at the overall picture, I can’t say it was bad. It explored some very interesting concepts, like the ‘fairy god mothers’ and ‘Redirection’ from a life of royalty to peasantry, and I don’t feel like reading it was a waste of time.

Personally, I was very turned off by the misogynistic world. Not because I’m offended or anything silly like that, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I like fantasy worlds to be, well, fantastic. Heroes and heroines worth fighting and dying for. Not the insane motion that if you don’t get married at 16 your life is over. Bleh.

Also, the LGBT was a lie. I kept waiting for it to pop up and GASP! It gets like two sentences. So if you’re looking for that, look somewhere else.

I won’t be following up when the next one comes out, but if you like reading about dressing up, the intricacies of baking, and all the different ways a heart can flutter without actually having a solid romantic story line – this book is for you.


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