Amazon best seller happiness and review woes.


So, my promotion for Steve Saves the Day went AMAZING – I sold over 900 free copies, and over 30 paid ones for subsequent books and paperbacks. It has been staying steady at #8 on the top children’s action and adventure free best seller list. I honestly could not be happier.


The review process is harrowing.

I have about 30 people, friends and family and people from my gaming community, who have downloaded and tried to review the book and have all been denied.

That includes people I have no social media ties with that I only know through World of Warcraft and All That Remains.

What. The. Hell. Amazon?

I get the checking to see if someone has the same address or last name as you. I get that. I somewhat get checking social media and blogs, but isn’t promotion what social media is for? I even get (though am very unnerved by) IP address tracking and gift cards. But I have no clue how they determine many of the others and it sucks.

I mean, should I just delete my Facebook and Twitter so Amazon doesn’t pull every review since I ‘know’ the people who like them? Bah.

Basically, Amazon is awesome for selling stuff but terrible for reviews.

That is all.


6 thoughts on “Amazon best seller happiness and review woes.

  1. Hi Anna,
    I have noticed that Amazon is really coming down hard on indie authors. I totally understand your rant. CJ Lyons has some great content and new ideas on how to keep your social media accounts while still collecting reviews. Although this will take some creativity it is possible. Best of luck to you! I’m only starting to get my feet wet in the indie world as I am working on my first children’s book and have been trying to educate my-self on all aspects. Your post here reminded me of that. Thank you again for sharing.

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