Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan


What’s better to listen to on a road trip than stand-up comedy? A hilarious book written and narrated by a comic. It made the eight hour drive to a friend’s wedding fly by, all while my husband and I laughed and nodded our way through.

Dad is Fat is about Jim Gaffigan and his life with five small children in two bedroom New York apartment. He touches up on pretty much every aspect of parenting, including lack-there-of, and does it spectacularly. Each story gives us a little validation while also allowing us to admit that no matter what we do, we will never be that perfect parent because well, there’s no such thing, really.

We laughed, we cried, but most of all, we enjoyed it, and you will too, even if you’re not a parent. And get the audio book – it’s worth it.

Hooooot pockets.



2 thoughts on “Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

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