Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier


What time is it? If you said ‘another amazing fantasy by Juliet Marillier’ you were right!

How did I miss that this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling when I was looking through her books before? I would have been all over that. Well, it’s over now – the book is read and I am even more in awe of Juliet’s astounding ability to bring the world of the uncanny to life. The more of her books I read, the more engrossed I feel.

Now, I do get how it’s not for everyone. It’s heavy, and heart-wrenching and sometimes long winded. However, there’s a reason Juliet Marillier is considered a historical fantasy writer. Her works are as much history as they are fantasy, giving us a glimpse into old Ireland. And it is amazing. I wouldn’t miss a word.

I also loved this because it’s not your known Beauty and the Beast, just as Dreamer’s Pool was not The Goose Girl. Juliet puts her own story to the age-old concept, and makes it that much better.

Can you tell I loved it?

I loved it.

Read this book.


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