On writing difficulties.


I’ve started my next novel, and there are several difficulties I’ve noticed that I haven’t run into before.

1. Writing in first person but not being that person. This is my first first-person novel. Obviously, the main character is not me. However, when I write ‘I’ and then write something that’s not me, it doesn’t feel right. The character was supposed to be prissy. Nope, can’t do it. Had to change her to just be an airhead.

2. Writing in present tense and keeping it that way. I’ve always written in past tense. Always. I keep finding myself using was instead of is and it’s frustrating. It’s like double the editing effort.

3. Seeing the word count makes me sad. Knowing how much left I have to go is disheartening when I feel like I’ve been writing all day / week. Yes, it’s slowly growing, but not enough to make it feel worthwhile, not right now anyway.

Anyone else?


4 thoughts on “On writing difficulties.

  1. Word count is always tough to look at when first starting, but it’s exciting to watch it grow too. Keep at it and just think about how good it’ll feel to see that counter starting hitting about the 50,000 mark

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  2. I know what you mean about word count. Working for hours and hours and feeling like–yeah, good progress!–then thinking of how that relates to the total (woo, 90% left to go…) is really deflating. I just drown my frustration in coffee and sugar…and bubble baths. XD

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