Enchanted by Alethea Kontis


With a dull cliche name like Enchanted, I would have never picked this book out of a lineup. However, thanks to Magini – books stellar review (and my need for something light after dystopia), I decided to give it a shot.

It was so cute I practically smiled my way through. There was just enough darkness to not make it cringe-worthy, and the prose is beautiful. A true fairy-tale style.

I also loved the fairy-tale mashup, much better than any of the Grimm-stories-go-bonkers books I’ve read in the past. It reminded me more of Once Upon a Time. I really loved the sister stories and how they developed throughout the book. And the fey! Such a great representation.

It did seem a bit silly at times, but I didn’t mind. My only complaint is that I felt like the whole book should have been in first person. It was written in such a way I kept forgetting it wasn’t narrated by the main character. Maybe it was the fault of the journal entry at the beginning that set me in a specific mood.

Overall, if you’re looking for something fun and love fairy-tales, you won’t be disappointed.



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