Dying to Remember (The Station #2) by Trish Marie Dawson

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Wait, I read a book 2 of something? It must be good!

And good it was! (You were holding your breath there for a moment, weren’t you?)

It’s so nice to find a series that has all the elements – an interesting plot, characters you care for, a little mystery, a little romance, and a dash of the unexplained – in a book that’s not the size of a brick.

I love being able to just sit down for a few hours and feel content upon my reading’s end. No need for staying up til 3am with ‘one more chapter’. Shorter books are the new black.

Just as the first in the series, this book is a smooth ride from start to finish. Some twists I didn’t see coming – and others I noticed from a mile away. I was quite surprised as to where the story headed, and I’m not sure what to expect from book 3.

Overall, this book is rich with emotion, and will definitely keep you engaged, but make sure you read #1 first – there’s no ‘recap’ to fill you in. Then again, why wouldn’t you? It’s definitely worth the time.


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