Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9) by Patricia Briggs


Oh man this book.

love the fey storylines of the Mercy Thompson books. They are just so chilling and tense, only second to the vampire storylines, which are chilling, tense, and sexy (the trifecta!).

Reading this book was like finally watching the new season of your favorite show that just released on Netflix. You get to see your beloved characters back in action, fighting insurmountable odds, and doing it with honor and perseverance *coughdaredevilcough*.

Can you tell I loved this book?

I loved this book.

Honestly, I think this is one of the best ones yet. Definitely worth the two year wait.

If you love Mercy, you will not be disappointed. Fire Touched has it all.

But there is something I feel like I should bring up because like many others, it shocked me and is the reason it took me this long to get the book I’ve been anxiously waiting for.

The price of the ebook is $13.99 D: The most I have ever paid for a digital copy of a book was $12 for a  Terry Goodkind novel that was ebook only (Confessor). Fire Touched is not. It’s $14 for a file that doesn’t need to cover production or distribution costs except Amazon’s menial listing fee. All because this is a book people are excited for. Well, sorry to say, but that’s still robbery, plain and simple. Looking at the general outcry on Amazon, the publisher is not doing itself any favors. People are either waiting until it goes down to a reasonable price, or getting it from the library (which is what I did). When it goes down to the $7.99 of the other books in the series, I’ll buy it. I don’t have a problem purchasing books. I do it every week. I support authors. But this – this is ridiculous. /Rant over.


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