Pippa of Lauramore by Shari L. Tapscott


I’m not going to lie. I picked up this book because the name made me think of Pippi Longstocking. I had the entire collection of Astrid Lindgren’s books in Russia, and Pippi’s stories were my favorite.

Not that this book is anything like them. I just couldn’t resist getting it.

And I loved it! We’re talking read-in-one-sitting fun! A nice twist on the good ol’ arranged marriage scenario, where the princess doesn’t take crap from anyone. The plot is a tournament for all the nobles and the winner gets to marry Pippa – who will do anything in her power to make sure the one she wants to win, does.

I loved the narration. I seriously felt like she was right there, telling me the story. It’s witty, it’s fun, and it’s realistic (well, for that world, anyway).

The character development surprised me left and right. I fell in love with some characters instantly, while others I didn’t know what to make of, just like Pippa.

There was a high degree of predictability, but the journey was so fun it didn’t matter. The book could have started with the wedding and reverted to the beginning of the tournament, and I still would have enjoyed it.

I already bought the second one.

Overall, it’s a fun silly book with a wonderful love story and a dash of magic. Definitely great for a light read.


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