Anwen of Primewood (Eldentimber #2) by Shari L. Tapscott


The first chapter preview of this book hooked me, and I liked Pippa of Lauramore enough to immediately buy this. As a child, I was fascinated by gypsies. In Russia, they were a regular occurrence, sometimes even camping out on the porch of our apartment complex. Beautiful people in beautiful clothing with beautiful music. I couldn’t stay away.

Anwen’s story was written in the same perky and wonderful tone as Pippa’s. It’s light, even in sad and hard situations. I grinned about as much as the characters did. Which is a lot. I love the world and all its denizens, especially those of the non-human variety.

However, this book was very focused on growing the relationship between Anwen and Galinor, and not very focused on…well, anything else. The pace was ridiculously slow and nothing really happened until the last 30% of the book. I understand not wanting to have insta-love, but it was just not enough to keep me interested. I kept putting the book down and doing something else. Finally, I told myself I’m going to finish it, so I did.

If you’re looking to expand the world of Eldentimber and are in the mood for a cute magical romance, this is a nice read. If you want something with more action than romance, maybe skip to the next one? I read the preview of Seirsha of Errinton and I’m hooked. Again. Because dragons. Hopefully, it picks up the pace a bit!



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