In the Shadow of the Dragon King by J. Keller Ford


Arg. Another book I can’t rate, this time because I was lied to about its contents.

I saw a pre-order post for this book on The Writing Crafter that said it was excited for this book’s m/m relationship. I assumed it was between the main characters, Eric and David, as they are the ones in the description.

I assumed wrong.

There is absolutely nothing in this book that even indicates m/m, between any characters. Blah. I am disappoint.

As far as the book goes, it’s a YA epic fantasy that’s much like Steven King’s The Talisman without the child molesters around each corner. Two worlds are connected and a boy from our world has a destiny to procure an item and save the other world of Kings and Queens and magic. It’s very epic – dragons, mages, and destinies galore! The action never stops, from ambushes to evil plots, and someone is always on the verge of death.

But because I was deceived into thinking there would be more than just that, I found myself skipping through most of it since I wasn’t in the mood for a bunch of political subterfuge, even if magic was involved. By the time I realized I wasn’t interested, it was too late to stop. It was almost a DNF but I thought I’d stick it out.

There was lots of action, but I wanted character development, not constant bodily harm. All I got was ‘you’re too young and stupid, do what I say’ elevated to ‘you’re old enough to do this now,  but you’re still a stupid kid so do what I say’. The adults ran the story, while the ‘main characters’ either eavesdropped or stood by on pages upon pages of dialogue. Sometimes, I forgot the MC was even -in the scene-.

Maybe I’m just angry as I’m writing this. It wasn’t a bad story or book. It was epic and very well written. I kept looking up certain words as it was very period-appropriate and I’m not that familiar with medieval language. The author must have done a ton of research. Props to her for that.

I’ll probably be back later and tone this down a bit. It’s not the author’s fault.

Anyone been in the same situational, where you were told something about a book and it wasn’t true?


One thought on “In the Shadow of the Dragon King by J. Keller Ford

  1. I don’t blame you for being frustrated by the bait-and-switch. Although you didn’t really care for it, I am rather intrigued. I look forward to hearing more about the story when you have cooled off.

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