The B*tches of Everafter: A dark princess fairy tale by Barbra Annino


If I had to sum this book up in one sentence, it would be “ABC’s Once Upon a Time on steroids”.

Because that’s pretty much what it is.

Like in OUAT, a powerful woman is pissed off at Snow White, so a curse is cast to bring all the denizens of the fairy-tale land to a small magic-less town of Storybrooke Everafter. Their memories are wiped and they are given new lives, opposite of their royal heritages.


Unlike OUAT (or anything ABC would ever allow on their prime-time slots), most of the princesses are, well, bitches. Between their cursing, fighting, and law-breaking, it definitely gives the whole story a ‘fresh’ feel. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first, but after meeting Snow, I was enticed enough to go with yes. My main eye-roller was the horribly punny naming choices. Jack Bean? Judge Redhood? Punzie Hightower? I just kept thinking come on, you can do better than that! Maybe it was supposed to be funny. Still, not the worst thing in the world.

I enjoyed this strange concoction, and while it might not be the most unique plot, it’s worth a read. It’s silly and it’s fun, and there’s magic! Who doesn’t love magic?

Anyway, if you like OUAT and don’t mind a bit of cursing, drinking, and violence in your books you’d like this.


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