Peter Pan (Faerie Tale Collection #12) by Jenni James


Peter Pan was one of my favorite stories as a child. I would listen to it on our old record player and imagine myself swinging from the ship’s masts and rescuing hostages from Captain Hook. I haven’t read a re-telling of it before, so when I saw it on Bookbub I had to get my hands on it.

Every book I’ve read from this series was magical and sweet, and Peter Pan was no exception. However, unlike the other books, this one just didn’t have a unique feel, the biggest difference being the ages of the main characters.

Unfortunately, making the characters older but still having them act like children just didn’t work. The romance was just silly and out of place. If a stranger kept kissing me unprompted, I would probably punch him in the face, not just huff up (you know, like a child would).

I have to say, though, the writing is superb! I saw that the author lived in England, and it really shows. The language immerses you in, making you feel like you’re really in London. Amazing!

I really must check out The Little Mermaid in this collection. That’s definitely next on my list. This re-telling was a fun nostalgic ride, and I’m itching for more.

Overall, if you want a story about Peter Pan without the commitment, it’s a good one, but if you read this, just ignore the ages and it will be wonderful!


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