Beyond the Veil by Jessica Majzner


Wait wait wait. A paranormal fantasy WITHOUT romance? Impossible! Improbable? Impressive.

The author contacted me on Twitter to see if I’d read this book for a review, and upon reading the description I was all for it. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good shifter story.

Well this was a very pleasant surprise. The fantasy itself is written like an epic campfire story. I honestly think it should be listened to as an audiobook rather than read. Everything from the descriptions to dialogue holds a dramatic flare, and while it’s not exactly ‘realistic’ in terms of people actually speaking the way they did, it was consistent. Think “And she walked into the forest and exclaimed ‘show yourself you vile creature!'” over “”She walked into the forest and yelled out ‘show yourself’ into the trees.”

The story itself was interesting. Vampires and werewolves are hard to do uniquely, and the author did a good job at separating the werewolves in ways I’ve never seen before. I was also surprised at some of the twists, but I won’t spoil it. A lot of things I thought I saw coming but went a completely different direction. I liked that it didn’t skirt over war or death, but every life still mattered.

Oh and there was no romance. =O I know, right? VampiresĀ and werewolves, and no one fell in insta-love or was seduced? Crazy. And it really worked, too. I was so happy it kept its story without inserting needless romance.

Overall, this is an epic paranormal fantasy I would definitely recommend to people who are tired of dragons and wizards. It won’t disappoint.


4 thoughts on “Beyond the Veil by Jessica Majzner

  1. What an amazing read in to the vampire/werewolf world. For every page turned I wanted to read more, it truly kept me on my toes. Loved it.


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