Sinful Cinderella and Sneaky Snow White by Anita Valle


A two-for-one deal in this review! You’re welcome!

And you’re also welcome because they are both wickedly fantastic.

Let’s break it down.

Sinful Cinderella is not your sweet little girl. She has a heart filled with resentment, and the only way for her to win against the cruel life she was given is to enchant herself to be so beautiful, the newly widowed prince would have to marry her.

Well it works. Kind of.

Boy, that story made me want to laugh maniacally. It’s probably the first book I’ve ever read where the protagonist is also the antagonist, and with no redemption. The writing is witty and engaging. The retelling itself is unique, with just enough peppered foreshadowing to be immensely enjoyable. I loved how original it was. I loved it so much, I immediately had to read the next one. Hooray for it being short.

Sneaky Snow White did not disappoint. Once again, after the bombshell twist at the end of the first book, we meet another fairy tale princess – and she’s no little flower either. The magic of this world is so well done. The characters are just devilish. You can’t wait to see them get what they deserve. I can’t wait to read the next installment, which is sadly not out yet. I’d rather read more of these than watch another episode of Once Upon a Time.

And lastly, I have to say, that Snow White cover is gooooorgeous. /swoon

Overall, if you like fairy tales with a dark twist and main characters you’d love to hate, these books are a must read.

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