Dragonfly by Julia Golding


Shiny…my pretty…

So I did not realize this book was for lower YA/upper MG when I got it. I thought it was just another arranged-marriage-turned-love scenario (my guilty pleasure). I was in for a strange surprise.

First of all, Dragonfly is a full-out adventure, with a quick backstory incorporated into two chapters – one in the head of Tashi (female MC), and one in a conversation between Rami (male MC) and his father. That’s it. Everything after that is the adventure. They get kidnapped, they try to escape, they fall in love, it’s all there and happening and I didn’t mind at all.

Second of all, it really shows how three completely different cultures interact with one another, and how they can (and cannot) coexist. A very interesting perspective is given to us from all three points of view. Even though I thought some of the things were silly, I accepted them for what they were.

As far as the characters go, I thought Rami was the most developed and believable, while Tashi seemed to think one thing but say another. When we’re in her POV, everything makes sense, but when we’re in Rami’s and she speaks, it seems out of character. I loved the supporting cast too, especially the giant. But who doesn’t love giants? (#hodor4ever)

If you’re looking for a clean romance without the sexy times or grit, this is a good book to read. It would make a great gift for a girl of 10-13. But if you’re looking for YA+ and at least innuendos, this won’t satisfy.


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