Waking Up Dead by Margo Bond Collins


There’s something about this cover that screams ‘cool’, doesn’t it?

I think so.

Waking Up Dead is a book about a ghost who wants to catch a killer – except she’s a ghost and the only people who can see her don’t want anything to do with her. She has to convince them otherwise, or the killer goes free and a man is going to get framed for his wife’s murder.

First things first, I hated Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz and prayed this wasn’t the same type of book. It wasn’t! Yay! It was actually interesting and witty and had amazing characters. Actually, the supporting characters were the best part about it. The ghost herself was a bit unlikable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If a writer can make us feel, that means he or she is doing something right.

The plot itself started out great, and evolved into a full blow mystery. I liked going step by step through it, and sometimes I was surprised while other times I wanted to reach into the book and shake them for not seeing the obvious. I felt like some of the time the characters were played catch-up to the readers, which is my only gripe with the book.

Also, it had random colored periods throughout, which was weird and made me laugh. They’re probably just a result of post-editing without the ‘accept changes’ button being pressed, but it was amusing. The book was very well edited so no problems there.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and I would love to see another, though it was published in 2013 and there isn’t a second one even scheduled on Goodreads. Still, a great standalone and I would recommend it to anyone into supernatural mysteries. This is also adult, not YA, so be prepared for liberal usage of cursing and a lot of racism.


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