Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead


Do I ever get tired of reading stories about princesses?

(No. The answer is no.)

Even though as a child I was more infatuated with being a prince rather than a princess, fairy-tale retellings warm my heart in a way nothing else can.

Princess of Tyrone is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty…in space! Laser guns, teleporters, and spaceships galore are mashed together with fairies, magic, and true love’s kiss. Like many retellings these days, we see several different stories with Sleeping Beauty being the main one.

For the good, this story was very romantic and a total contrast from any of the originals. While it was very predictable (I mean we know what happens) it was written well enough to keep reading if just to see the scenes. A clean read as well, which can go either way. I liked the prince more than the princess, but I’m biased.

Now, as much as I loved all the fantastical goodness in this book, at the start I kept wanting to quit but couldn’t bring myself to put it down. SO CONFLICTED. The main reason was that it was just so unbelievably silly to think that she would not guess she was the princess. She knew the story from childhood. There were so many clues. I just could not get over that fact. Every time I saw her wonder about it I wanted to turn off my iPad. But, the romantic in me needed to see when she gets to the big reveal and finally gets to be with the prince. And I’m glad I did – it was wonderful and heartwarming and totally squee worthy.

Another thing that bothered me to no end was the perspective change. The princess’s parts were 1st person and the prince’s third. Ugh. I would have preferred it all or nothing.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it, but I won’t be picking up the next one. If you like clean fairy-tale retellings with kick-ass heroines, you’d like this.


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