Rosie Reviews: Rise of the Chosen by Anna Kopp

Lost in a Daydream


Title: Rise of the Chosen

Author: Anna Kopp

Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers

Genre: Dystopian

Source: NetGalley Ebook



A dystopian tale where a mysterious force known as the Lifeblood causes the dead to Wake soon after death. The vast majority become Woken – crazed shells of humans, desperate only to kill. A small minority, however, become Chosen. The Chosen have all the extra strength of the Woken but with the ability to control it. Sam is a human, a member of the Watch – an organisation which monitor the Woken, and her entire world is about to come crashing down around her.


From the prologue, I was hooked onto this book, devouring it as I read. It’s an interesting twist on the zombie concept, and one which actually works for the better. It allows for different kinds of the zombie-type and also adds a level of suspense whenever…

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