Sleeping Beauty by Jenni James


The cover says ‘unique, magical, and enchanting!’ and it doesn’t lie. That’s exactly what this book is.

I very recently read another Sleepy Beauty retelling, Princess of Tyrone, and I have to say this one is a much more unique take on the story. From the moment I read the description of Jenni James’ tale I had to read it. The princess is a ghost that walks in her own reality? We never get to see the princess when she’s asleep! How cool is that?

Oh and there’s a unicorn.

Anyway, this tale is pretty much in line with all the rest of the collection. It’s cute, magical, and filled with insta-love and romance. Don’t expect much character development or a sweeping story arc, just enjoy it for what it is – a fairy tale.

My only concern with it is the tale has two very opposite feels to it. On the one side there’s the love at first sight which is all happy and wonderful, and on the other hand there’s DEATH DEATH DEATH. There’s no middle ground, it’s very awwww-AAAAAH. So far this series has been great for young girls, but this one might be a bit too dark to be an out-loud read.

So, another tale down, one to go!


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