Drown by Esther Dalseno


There’s only one word that fully describes the feel of this book: eerie.

From the very start to the very finish, it is cold blooded, beautiful, and bizarre.

Not quite a retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’ as a ghostly expansion of the original, Drown shines a light into a new world of mermaids, one that is cruel to the point where feelings are fatal. Literally.

This book was written in such a masterful way I could not get enough of it. It never strayed from the uncanny way of each character, especially the mermaids. I loved the depiction of God as the sun. A part of me wished for a happily ever after, but a part of me hoped it would stay true to the original. I was not disappointed.

I loved and hated the prince. He was so broken, something you very rarely see in fairy tales or retellings. He acted like a fool and a child, but who was he to know better? He wasn’t prince charming, no. When he fell in love, true love, my heart sang for him. It truly was perfect.

Overall, wow. Usually, a ‘dark twisted retelling’ means blood and war, but this…this was so different. This was heartbreak until the last page, but not in a depressing way – in a cold and eerie way. It left me not sad, but in amazement, kind of like reading a Greek myth. Wow. Just wow.


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