Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9) by Ilona Andrews


I follow two UF series – Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson. I love both, Mercy for the Fey and Kate for the Gods. Shapeshifters are meh to me, but I take them in with the rest.

The thing about this series is that most books have been fillers to the Kate/Roland storyline, and I didn’t expect anything else from this one, especially after the bomb drop of book 8. Don’t get me wrong, I like the filler books. The end of 7 left me with happy tears. This book?

I loved it.

I felt like Magic Binds really pushed the development of every single character. We are finding out everyone’s true intentions, the sides they are going to be on for the final battle, and the powers they will wield. This is the ‘getting ready for the big finale’ book and boy does it ever.

Roman and Christopher really shine here, and Kate’s internal struggle is done incredibly well. We see her shift in and out of the power’s grasp and I just love that she’s not infallible. I’ve never liked the Keep’s shifter mentality and their actions here solidified that even more.  Even Saiman and Ghastek are given their dues. I seriously love the characters in this series and it’s going to hurt when it finally ends. I have a feeling we will lose quite a few of them in book 10, just because it’s the final book.

There are so many wonderful surprises in store for us in this book. I’d hate to ruin them in spoilers so I’ll try not to. Kate figures she needs help and gets it from the most unlikely of places – and persons. Her father has an army, and now she does too. Also, Curran does something nuts, and I can’t wait to see what it means for him. I want to squeal like a child when I think about it all coming together.

As always, the book feels way too short because it’s written so well that I fly through it in a matter of hours. It’s like watching an episode of your favorite tv show and the next one is the series finale. Even the banter takes it up a notch, giving us the much needed comic relief in the midst of incoming war and death.

Overall, probably one of the most enjoyable and important books in the series because everything comes together and everyone is in it to win it. Of course we all want Roland to just say ‘kidding!’ and leave Kate alone but we know that won’t happen (or could it? please? pretty please?). So we just have to wait and see exactly how Kate ends up defeating him and live happily ever after (or face the wrath of all the readers of this series). No pressure.

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