Dot Matrix and Property by Jack Binding


I have a feeling short stories are going to take over my reading soon. After the odd tales of last week, I was eager for some more short story goodness, so I took up Jack’s offer to read his.

Dot Matrix is every desk jockey’s wet dream (and subsequently, nightmare). A silly yet relate-able yet preposterous yet horrifying tale of the average Joe climbing his way to the top by using a possessed printer. Yes, you read that right. I won’t spoil it for you – this story is too good not to read, and you’ll be going ‘muahahahaha’ by the end.

Property is kind of the opposite. Subtle hints, self-realization, and an ending you wish you saw coming. A story that many people today can very much relate to. Not too preachy but just preachy enough to make you think.

Both stories are a worthwhile read, and I’m curious to see where Jack’s mind takes us next.


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