Immortal Writers by Jill Bowers


Ever wonder what it would be like if your favorite book’s characters came to life? And I don’t mean a movie adaptation, I mean literally became real people.

I think most readers and writers secretly wish for that to happen. The characters already live inside of us, so what would it take for them to take that step between our imagination and our reality?

Jill Bowers has the answer.

The idea behind this book is a dream come true. Legendary authors like Shakespeare are alive and well in a magical castle for writers along with their greatest inventions of the mind. It was so interesting to see all the different people, their banter and their quirks. They are modernized, which might feel like a cheat, but I truly enjoyed reading about them regardless.

The main character’s story arc is that of a good ole coming-of-age epic fantasy, but even with the usual tropes it feels fresh when you look at the big picture.

After finishing the book, my imagination was flying off the rails. So many stories just waiting to be told. How would my characters act? How would I act?  Oh the possibilities!

If you’re looking for a book that will leave a lasting impression with its ideas, this is a great read.

(I received this book from NetGalley)

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