Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind by Steve Michael Reedy


Magical storybooks

Castles and clowns

This is a book that you will not put down.

A collection of stories

For kids and adults

That give you a peek behind the curtain of the world.

Ok so I’m not a very good poet, but I wanted to honor the book’s lyrical writing with a little something. And I didn’t lie – from the first tale I was hooked. I love how this book gives you a chance to figure out the meaning behind each story on your own instead of being preachy about it. I was excited to see how long it took me, and in some cases I didn’t have the AHA moment until halfway through, which made me even more excited to read on.

There are six stories, told in a seamless way and even though each is its own, they are integrated with transitions and wordplay. Not everything rhymes, and they’re mostly in the format of short stories. This is a book that can be read and enjoyed by anyone. The older you are, I think, the more you can infer from it.

What’s even more interesting is that I shared this book with my husband and we actually disagreed on the meanings of some of the concepts in it. So not only does it make you think – it makes you think critically. A conversation waiting, a discussion brewing. These stories would make great topics to explore with a child, including being yourself and living for yourself.

One story that really resonated with me was about One Day. Basically, a girl is sad and asking what makes everyone else happy. They tell her it’s looking forward to their One Day. One day, when I have the car I want I’ll be happy. One day, when I lose the weight I want, I’ll be happy. One day, when I find the love I want, I will be happy. But when One Day comes they just make another One Day to look forward to. It just hits so close to home, it makes me stop and appreciate the now more.

No matter your age or whether you have children, this is a book worth checking out. Don’t let the rhyming deter you – these tales are anything but simple.

A big thank you to Steve, for providing me with a copy of his book and opening my mind.


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