2017 here I come!


Rise is currently at 85 ratings with a 4.0 average on Goodreads. Holy crap. It probably won’t last long – one 3 star will bring it under, but for now it feels good.

I wish I could draw. Then I would do sketches of key scenes. But I just can’t put on paper what’s in my head. My mother is an artist and teaches art, as are my sister and cousin who both went to Syracuse U for art degrees. My grandmother was a museum curator most of her life. Me? Not so much. I was given my father’s musicality and words instead.

My 2016 goal was to get traditionally published, and I did. Now, for 2017 my goal is to get Queen an agent. I’ve had way too much interest and positive feedback to give up on it. Yes, the writing needs work, but I have a CP now and I will get it there. I have to.

So here’s to everyone’s 2017 resolutions: good luck!



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