The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma


You know how some books you can’t put down because the story and others because of the writing?

Well I expected #1 and got a heaping doze of #2. The writing in this book is incredible. The words flow like ocean waves reflecting in the moonlight. This is the kind of book that makes a writer step back and wonder how could one possibly compare? How can I get to this level? Wow. Just wow.

The story itself was strange, to say the least. The blurb said it was a ghostly murder mystery type of plot, which it did turn out to be, but in a backwards kind of way. The POVs were from not the two main characters, but one main character and one side character, which was confusing at the beginning.

And the end? No spoilers but if you go on Goodreads, there’s entire discussions about ‘what happened? I don’t get it’ because it’s also quite confusing. I think I understood it when I read, at least partially, but I can see why others didn’t. I ended up wondering ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ and ‘what did I just read?’ but it was still satisfactory the way things wrapped up so I didn’t mind as much as I should have.

If you like Black Swan ballerina murderer stories with antagonist POVs, this is a fantastic book. Really, I would recommend it anyone who enjoys dark and ghostly plots. Just keep an open mind and you won’t be disappointed at the end – quite the opposite.


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