The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die #2) by Danielle Paige


I wasn’t going to read this so soon, but I’m a sucker for shorter books and this one was the shortest on my Kindle.

The weird thing about it is that after finishing, I realized there were only six total scenes. No, really, I went back and counted. This was a filler book in a trilogy, one that progressed the characters over plot, giving us insights into Amy and Pete and Oz in general. However – it was six scenes. It’s like ordering a meal and getting an appetizer. Delicious, sure, but not exactly what I paid for.

Still, I really enjoyed it. I loved Paige’s writing, especially the constant similes and pop-culture references she makes. I could read her books just for the feel of how connected she is to the world. She writes and I go ‘oh my God that’s amazing, how did she think of that?’

Her descriptions really put me in the story, wishing so much I actually was in the story. I saw it and smelled it and felt it. I loved the island of lost things and the fog of doubt and the absurd monkey palace. I know there’s a TV show coming out called Emerald City and I had to go check what book it was based on because I would love to see this series become a motion picture. It’s already halfway there.

Oh, and that last book? Already on it.

Basically, this book is great if you want to read something fantastical, but it won’t answer any of your questions from book one, only lead you into book three. I can’t wait to finally see where it all ends up.


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