I Could Pee on This and other fun books for the whole family.

image1 (1).JPG

Looking for some books that both you and your toddler could enjoy? Look no further than these adorable little volumes of poems that are hard to get through without a chuckle. The books are actually considered for adults, but their raunchy humor is veiled just well enough that kids won’t get it – and you will. The dog one is actually letters, and it does have some mild cursing, but I included it anyway because it’s also a fun book to read and it fits with the theme.

The cat ones are great. For example, one of the poems is about an angry kitten where some ‘choice words’ are written as [deleted]. You can fill in the blanks =) Another is about a cat saying that if he were to take you to the vet, he’d make sure you came back with ‘both of them’ (and no, he’s not talking about you and him).

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading those books, and I’d recommend them to anyone, with or without kids, for a quick laugh.

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