A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Vol 1-3

I love the HBO series but I’ve never read the books. As much as I am interested in expanding that world, I simply cannot convince myself to pick up the behemoths that these novels are. So, when I saw this on Bookbub I wanted to check it out as a possible alternative.

The descriptions say that these are based on the books, not the show. They specifically made sure to try and distance it from the show.

They kind of failed.

Either because the show is just that close to the books, or because I’ve never read the books, but I felt like these graphic novels were almost exactly like the show. Verbatim in many parts, things you can’t forget. Sadly, in all three books I haven’t learned a thing that I haven’t already seen on the show.

I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time. The art is beautiful and I enjoyed reliving the awesome twists and turns of the story. But it looks like if I want canon from the book I’d have to read it. Maybe one day…


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