The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


She’s looking around the forest, as though if she can prove it isn’t magic, then nothing else is, either. Which is stupid. All forests are magic.

This book. It hurt in all the ways.

This my first Holly Black book and I’ve seen so much hype for it that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I mean, I love the fey and YA fantasy so how could I not?

There was so much I loved about it. The fey world and human world mashup was amazing. All the different races and their nuances and magic. The rules and foods and enchantments. I just could not get enough. I loved the writing, and the twists, and overall it was a great book.

However…I don’t know if I’ll be picking up the next one.

Despite all the things I loved about it, I read YA fantasy because to me, it’s escapism. It feels good, like I’ve lived alongside it with the characters.

But in this book? Nothing felt good. It was just so damn bleak. All the relationships between the characters were strained, if not full on disdain/hate. When the few good things were happening, I knew they were lies/manipulations. Every chapter I had a bad feeling that something was going to get worse – and it always did. I mean come on, not ONE real positive friendship in the whole book.

This is just a personal thing, though. I know tons of people love to GET ALL THE FEELS, even if they’re depressing. However, that’s not me. I have enough of that in real life to spend my time being sad in my imaginary life. It’s why fairy-tales are my jam. I can count on them to bring me the hope and warm fuzzies at the end, despite the war/sacrifice/death in the middle. I’m currently reading Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf and that’s WAY more up my alley than this one.

Overall, I’m glad I read it just to have it under my belt, and I would recommend it for readers who like YA teen drama but with fey high school instead of human.


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