Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


The first day my husband came home after he started listening to this audiobook he told me I had to read this book. I said ok, I’ll check it out, but it seems too real-world for me. Guy wakes up to find his whole life is different – his family doesn’t exist and he’s a famous scientist instead of a teacher. An interesting premise but meh. I didn’t expect to get through chapter one.

I finished it the next day.

This book was WOW. I loved the staccato writing style, it made me feel like I was watching scenes in a movie. The inner thoughts of the people were like seeing someone’s dreams. Intense and relateable and just perfect for the story. I couldn’t tear my eyes from it I had to know what happened every page. It made me think of the TV show Legion (X-Men universe) and how insane it was and how it just kept getting more and more insane. This is that kind of book. By the end I had no idea how it was going to get resolved but it did.

Overall, I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi because it’s a fun crazy romp worth the time and satisfaction of flying through it.


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