An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon


So. Many. Amazing. Quotes.

“The point is what you do when you don’t have the details. Do you interrogate? Do you examine? Or do you settle for the obvious answer?”

I mean seriously. This book was Snowpiercer on a spaceship and everyone is queer. I loved it. I loved that the characters were complicated and both likable and unlikable. I loved that it was haunting without the supernatural. I loved that it had faith but it wasn’t preachy.

How Lucifer felt upon leaving the Heavens. He didn’t fall. He dove.

Oh, and spoiler alert: they’re all dead.

Juuuust kidding (I think?) This book has plenty of scientific explanations and medical terms, but one thing stood out to me:

She’d been helping Aster scrub down X deck with ammonia and bleach, a failed attempt to rub out the stink of what had happened there.

For a second there as I read it I thought I had a ‘EUREKA’ moment. They’re all dead from toxic gas and this book is about them as ghosts trapped in the ship for all eternity!

But then I was like nah, it was probably just an oversight on the writer’s/editor’s part. The rest of the book seems to uphold the sentiment (which is why I don’t count this as a spoiler), unless you consider Earth actually being Heaven/the afterlife. Who knows? (Dun dun dun…)

Anyway, I don’t like depressing stories and while this book was dark it was also full of hope. I loved it and I think fans of Snowpiercer would love it too.


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