Authors, would you rather me buy your book or use Kindle Unlimited? (+ poll)


I’ve been realizing that I purchase at least one book a week from the Amazon Kindle store thanks to Bookbub and other recommendations. The books I purchase are almost always on sale, so 99c – $2.99. I’ve been eyeing the Kindle Unlimited program, and it seems like it would still save me money in the long run. However, I buy books because I support authors, so I want to hear from you. Would you rather get a sale on a discounted book or a full read on Kindle Unlimited?

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Free ebook – calling Amazon reviewers!


A Quest for Snow is FREE this weekend! Click here to get it!

I am still in awe at the lack of reviews I got on Amazon, after selling over a thousand ebook copies and over a hundred paperbacks in the last three weeks.

Because I have ONE.

And not even on the first book in the series, which is the best selling one.

I just don’t get it.

So if you can leave a review, please do. It’s making me crazy!


Amazon best seller happiness and review woes.


So, my promotion for Steve Saves the Day went AMAZING – I sold over 900 free copies, and over 30 paid ones for subsequent books and paperbacks. It has been staying steady at #8 on the top children’s action and adventure free best seller list. I honestly could not be happier.


The review process is harrowing.

I have about 30 people, friends and family and people from my gaming community, who have downloaded and tried to review the book and have all been denied.

That includes people I have no social media ties with that I only know through World of Warcraft and All That Remains.

What. The. Hell. Amazon?

I get the checking to see if someone has the same address or last name as you. I get that. I somewhat get checking social media and blogs, but isn’t promotion what social media is for? I even get (though am very unnerved by) IP address tracking and gift cards. But I have no clue how they determine many of the others and it sucks.

I mean, should I just delete my Facebook and Twitter so Amazon doesn’t pull every review since I ‘know’ the people who like them? Bah.

Basically, Amazon is awesome for selling stuff but terrible for reviews.

That is all.