Critique partners are like unicorns: impossible to find and most of them are just horses with plastic horns.

This wonderful video by Jenna Moreci describes exactly what I’ve been searching for for the past three months. I’ve joined writers groups, critique websites, and Reddit, and I’m no closer than when I started.

Here are the critique partners I’ve found so far:

The absent CP

This is the CP who seemed really excited – until I replied to their message (equally excited) and got crickets. Did they change their mind? Did they accidentally message the wrong person? Did they die in a tragic alligator accident? Who knows. I don’t. Because they didn’t answer.

The lazy CP 

This is the CP who needs to watch the above video. Three lines of feedback on ten thousand words is not a critique, at least not when I’m doing line edits back. Put some effort into it!

The starting out writer CP

Jenna hits the nail on the head when she says the writing abilities should be at least similar. I don’t mind guiding a new writer, but that just makes me their CP, not the other way around.

And I still have yet to find one! My best CP experience was with a fellow writer, but my current works are not his genre so I’m trying to get someone, anyone, who will help me get my narrative together so these agents can stop telling me they love my book but my narrative needs work! Help! T_T


Looking for beta readers for a fairy-tale fantasy novella!


After the Queen makes a careless bargain with the Fey Folk, her daughters are cursed to become Creatures of the Sea. But when the curse is finally over, they find themselves searching for a way back.

Sisters of the Sea is complete!

It ended up being a 37,000 word novella, and while I was hoping to make it to novel length, I’m not disappointed. So now I’m looking for beta readers to provide some constructive feedback – from style, to length, to overall story line. If you are interested, please leave a comment! Any help would be appreciated.